Guiding you through change with

Clarity. Purpose. 
Growth. Fulfilment.

Cambridgeshire, UK


I work with people who are at crunch points in their lives or careers. Perhaps you're feeling stuck, or facing a crossroads, obstacle or opportunity - something that has made you stop and think “what now?”


Whether you have been thinking about making a change for a while or it has crept up on you suddenly, it can be daunting working out what to do and how you’re going to achieve your end goal - if you even have one. Rather than feeling under pressure to follow the advice of family or friends, you want to feel in control of your decisions, with the confidence that you are on the path that is right for you.


Coaching gives you a safe, confidential space to explore your thoughts, consider your options and understand what might be holding you back, freeing you you make the decisions that are important to you. Working in a reflective coaching partnership allows you to view your life from a different perspective, test your thinking and move forward with purpose and conviction.



team work, dream work

Step-up your leadership style, ditch imposter thoughts, build confidence and learn how to create a  clear vision for your team that they can get behind.


Adoptive or foster parents supporting children with additional needs. Work with an experienced adopter and learn how to put on your oxygen mask first.



If you're feeling 'stuck' and looking to change direction or you’re coping with a big change in your work or personal life, coaching helps you move forward.


"I wanted to feel more effective and accomplish some long-term goals that just never seemed to make it onto my current to-do list. Coaching has helped me see myself much more clearly: what overwhelms me, what drives me, what my strengths are and what I need extra help with. Lisa helped me see aspects of my personality that I can work with and not against. I now know what tools I need to help me get on and achieve my goals. It’s great to be able to talk candidly with and be accountable to someone who you can trust to have your best interests at heart."