Every coaching programme and individual session is led by your needs. You might feel dissatisfied with your work–life balance or you feel you’d like to make a change but you aren’t sure where to start. You might already be a senior executive, wanting to up your A-game and get more out of your team. On one level, we could simply focus on an issue, consider where changes might happen and set a series of steps towards an end goal. Accountability works well and you will see results. Which is great. But will that prevent the same issue from re-occurring? Will it create sustainable change? Working in partnership, taking the time to be really curious and reflect more deeply on a situation provides an opportunity to learn, grow and make fresh choices. This is where the transformational power of coaching really takes effect. 

At Work

Team work, dream work

Finding satisfaction and success in your working life can be challenging, whatever stage you’re at. Are you working to live or living to work?

  • Whether you're moving into a leadership role, honing your skills, or building a brand-new team, how can you harness the mindset of the leader you want to be?

  • Dealing with imposter thoughts, building confidence and  enabling collaboration all benefit from coaching.

  • Learn how to align your values with your vision and bring your team and your business along with you.



Balancing work and home life can be tricky at the best of times, but it’s even more challenging for parents with increasingly complex family dynamics such as separation or divorce, adoption and fostering, parenting children with additional needs or caring for older relatives.

  • As an adopter, I get how hard it is to fight for the support your family needs, while your needs get lost in the struggle. I am here to listen and offer guidance where appropriate.

  • Taking some time to focus on your own self care can help you identify when you need extra support, and give you the strength to concentrate your energy where it matters most.


be the change

Maybe you’re looking to change direction in your work or you’re coping with a change in your health or personal life. Making a fresh start or finding new connections may mean having to rebuild your confidence and re-evaluate your self-worth. We can work together on helping you refocus your efforts on what is important to you, helping you overcome whatever is holding you back.


The pandemic continues to have a massive impact on all aspects of life. Its effects range from inconvenient and restrictive to utterly devastating. No matter how it has affected us and those we love, what seems to ring true for many is that we can never go back to normal. Whatever ‘normal’ is. And, in some cases, we may not want to. If you find yourself struggling, with an ache for something ‘more’ or a desire to discover a new sense of purpose, the time is now.


Let's talk

If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch for a free, no-obligation taster session to get some insight into your personal situation and what you want to achieve. I promise no pressure and no judgement. 


If we are comfortable working together, we can discuss what approach will work best for you.  I can work with you in person at my office (as restrictions allow), online (Zoom or similar) or by phone. 


I offer you a space where you will be really listened to and the chance to explore what coaching can do for you. My approach is honest, open, confidential and supportive. I may challenge your thinking to offer a different perspective but always with respect for your choices and views.