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Every coaching programme and individual session is led by your needs.

Working in a coaching partnership, you will gain deep insight into what matters to you and why. You’ll have a safe space to explore your thoughts on what you want to be different or to work out what you want more of in your life. You’ll shine a light on any coping mechanisms you may have developed and start to understand the things about yourself that typically get in your way.


Clarity and self-awareness are the lightbulb moments. But then comes action.
Using a combination of pure coaching and a range of easy-to-learn tools and techniques, I can support you to make mindful
choices towards the life you want and find the motivation and accountability you need to succeed.

Connecting with your values enables you to live in a more intentional way, aware of the choices that are available in any given situation – whether professionally or personally. With this deeper understanding, you can choose to move mindfully towards to the life you really want, and free yourself from the thoughts and feelings that would previously have taken you in the opposite direction.

Who can benefit from coaching?

The people I work with come from widely different backgrounds – business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, senior academics, school leavers, graduates, parents, professionals. And they would probably all describe themselves completely differently. Sometimes our own sense of identity gets called into question, and we start to define ourselves by a job title or some other badge of status or worth, rather than who we really are underneath, who we want to be, or how we want live our lives.

Coaching can help you uncover blocks you never realised were there,
aim higher than you ever thought possible and create significant and sustainable change.


Coaching engagements with one-to-one clients are entirely based on your needs, the situation you are facing, and the change you want to create. As sessions unfold, you will find clarity on why you are seeking change, what is truly important to you and what the impact of this change will have on your life.


Common challenges include procrastination, dealing with overwhelm, making difficult decisions, complex family dynamics, building confidence, becoming more assertive, preparing for greater responsibility at work, elevating your leadership style, getting the best out of others, motivating a team, developing high performers, dealing with difficult work environments.

I have gone from feeling stuck and guilty about wanting more, to having clarity on what I want and a plan to achieve it. I feel braver, stronger and my self-worth has increased. Lisa is very good at picking up on the subtleties of what is being said and asking questions that really make you think. I find my sessions with her so empowering - we always meet early and they really are the best way to start a day!" - Karen 

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Individual Coaching
Image by Jason Goodman

Leadership coaching

Finding satisfaction in your working life can be challenging, whatever stage you’re at. What does success look like for you?

  • Whether you're moving into a leadership role, honing your management skills, or building a brand-new team, how can you harness the mindset of the leader you want to be?

  • Dealing with imposter thoughts, building confidence and  enabling collaboration all benefit from coaching.

  • Learn how to align your values with your vision and bring your team and your business along with you with a clear sense of direction.

“Lisa enabled me to simplify complex problems into clear manageable thoughts and actions. She will remain a valuable resource to call upon to help support personal and business growth." - Mark

Leadership Coaching

team coaching & consultancy

Group facilitation and team coaching engagements are developed in consultation with you to clearly define the results and outcomes you are seeking. Often this will require some pre-work to define the problem and scope a suitable approach. I work with a select bunch of trusted associates with a wealth of expertise to ensure the best possible fit for you. Recent themes have included  improved performance, better communication and relationships at work, customer satisfaction, creating purpose, team motivation and personal development.

“We learnt new techniques to move us forward as a business with a view to improving efficiency. I am excited for the next coaching day, consolidating the first session, and finalising a set of company values that will resonate with all our staff.” - Claudine

Team Meeting
Team Coaching
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