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If you change NOTHING, NOTHING will change

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Change comes in many guises – things change every day. Transitions punctuate the phases of life. One minute we’re running around as a carefree teenager, the next minute we’re off to college, on the career ladder or setting up home.

And those changes that creep up on you, when you’ve been doing the 9-5 and sorting out the kids’ packed lunches for an interminably long time, and suddenly they’re off and you’re left wondering what’s left for you to do – those moments can feel immense.

Sometimes change is forced upon us, sudden, dramatic and out of our control, and sometimes we take an active decision to make change happen. Often, change is gradual and imperceptible until something snaps. Then what? Change affects everyone differently but feeling stuck in a spiral of fear, resistance, self-doubt or indecision are common and self-perpetuating.

That’s where coaching can make the difference. Depending on what you’re facing or want to make happen, coaching enables you to identify the options you have, consider what might get in your way and plan how you’re going to overcome any obstacles.

Does change always mean progress? It may not always feel like it at the time. But with change comes opportunity. Learning to adjust to change creates purpose and builds resilience, making you more adaptable to change in the future. Freeing you to move forward.

If you’d like to see how coaching can help you work through your change, get in touch:

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