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What is normal anyway?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Normality has been on my mind lately. As we emerge from lockdown, and everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’, I wonder what is ‘normal’ anyway? It is often suggested that there is no such thing as normal – which certainly suits me and my family; and I like to believe that, as humans, we are all amazing for our own unique qualities.

Normal implies that a comparison has been made, a judgement or a rating from x to y. Where do we want to be on that scale? If normal means ‘average’, is that good enough? (Don’t start me on the Maths mean, median and mode of average.) Aren’t we all susceptible to comparison with others? To be, to do or to have more than average tends to be regarded as a personal achievement in most societies.

A comment from a client, before they had tried coaching, also got me thinking. “I used to think that coaching was for the privileged,” they said. It made me want to challenge that idea. Not all coaches support elite athletes or billionaire business moguls. Coaching is absolutely about supporting normal people through normal, everyday things.

Anyone and everyone will have a question or issue that can benefit from the support of a coach. Just like the ups and downs of life – mundane, exciting, challenging, emotional or exhausting. I’m happy to say that my client found my down-to-earth style of coaching to be anything but elitist. Working in partnership with a professional coach provides an opportunity to find clarity, address a need, consider deeply held beliefs, set a new direction or take action.

If you’d like to see how coaching can help you work through something entirely normal, get in touch:

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